Primera Design.

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Inspirational words from the artist: “The word “Prismera” comes from a combination of prism* and chimera*. This company was created so that I could carve a place for myself in the world. A place to design, to dream, and to do good. The motivating force that was behind the formation of Prismera Design may have been a bit grand but simply put, this girl just wants to create beautiful things.”


found-vintage rentals.

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Found-Vintage Rentals


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volkswagen beetles.

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15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea

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Repurposed and reimagined, Starbucks has gone back to basics with the launch of their 15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea store. The first of three experimental stores in Seattle, this Capitol Hill location loses the ubiquitous Starbucks branding and adopts the ambience of a traditional neighborhood coffeehouse. Completely gutted and redesigned using a plethora of recycled, reclaimed and refurbished eco-friendly materials, this old store is now primed and ready to play neighborhood host to live music and poetry readings.

The Mast Brothers Chocolate.

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The pair of brothers seem to take chocolate making very seriously- they are the only chocolate makers in New York who produce chocolate from bean to bar and all of it is handmade with traditional methods and high quality ingredients. They also package their chocolates in the most beautiful way. Oh to be a bearded chocolate maker in New York…

back to the future.

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