Into the wild.

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Well sorta. This morning my good friend Maria and I went to the Phoenix Zoo. Funny story about it thou, she has thought she had saw on the internet if you were orange you can get in for free. Well it turns out that it was for the first 100 customers that wear orange they get in free. Luckily one of my sister’s friends works there and let us in for free anyways! It was a great morning. =).


DIY:Chain link woven bracelets.

January 21, 2011 § 3 Comments

I am so disappointed! I stumbled upon this diy: woven bracelet blog and now I can’t find it! I saved the pictures but forgot to save the link! Hopefully I will be able to find it soon! I would love to make these for my friends and family. Ugh!


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ikat wedges.

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Yes, these ikat wedges really do exist. And no, they won’t run you hundreds of dollars. Why? Because Julian Louie has collaborated with Aldo with a collection of to-die-for wedges as part of his Spring 2011 collection. Are you jumping for joy, yet?

Charming Charlie.

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Today at work we celebrated one of our co-workers birthdays! She is truly loved by all of us and did our best to make sure she had a good day! Well our co-worker Sondra gave Shayna a beautiful jeweled framed watch. They were talking about the store that she had got it at and told me to check it out. I went on their website-which doesn’t to much-but I love it! Check em out: Charming Charlie!


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Plumo is a company launched in 1997. They travel extensively around the world to source products that are original in design, beautifully crafted and a little different from what you usually see. They tend to work with artisans, co-operatives from Africa to Asia, designers that have just come out of college and any kind of creative people that just make beautiful things.


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